Financial Matters

Personal finance is as important to a happy life and security as anything else. Without a plan, direction or basic knowledge of what to do, it’s easy to be intimidated and do nothing. Then one day you wake up, you’re fifty and have that “Oh Shit!” moment where you realize retirement isn’t just a concept but a tangible thing staring you in the face and you have nothing saved. My wife and I have made our share of poor financial decisions but have been saving since we had any tangible income to speak of, and are starting to see a decent positive net worth prior to turning 40. If this is a focus area, we can work to develop some basic strategies that you can incorporate for getting out of debt, as well as basic saving strategies. Then I will outline key tools and concepts to save for retirement and kids’ college in a straightforward way. This will provide some guidance on how to meet your financial goals in a simple way so that you, the average guy with no particular skills, can get started. If you are already well versed in this section, it should be a good reminder to keep the pedal to the metal and to be the tortoise, not the hare. If you are getting closer to that retirement threshold and haven’t given that new life chapter much thought, we can go through some visioning exercises to see how retirement may look for you, so that (if necessary) you can make some changes while there is still time.