Getting Started, How it Works

We work together one-on-one as client and Life Coach. Think of me as a Life Personal Trainer. I am not a therapist and don’t care to delve into the past and pick at old scabs and personal demons. I work with you to identify your life’s imbalances, find where you want to go, and help you to get there in a strategic manner.

We start out with a brief free 15 minute session to see if the vibe is there on both our parts. If we agree to start working together, you’ll fill out some paperwork, including a questionnaire that gives me some basic life snapshots so we aren’t starting from a dead stop – more like popping the clutch to get us going. And then we’re off.

We will meet and conduct online sessions through Skype (or phone if you can’t Skype for some reason). We meet at an interval that works best with your life and both our schedules, though it usually works best to meet weekly at first. Sessions will run 45 minutes to an hour, your choice. Rate is $75 for 45 minutes and $100 per hour. I will send you an electronic invoice to your e-mail address prior to our appointment, I use PayPal where you can pay through your PayPal account or through a credit or debit card. It shows up on your statement as “GOODLIFEVIS.”

Contact me at to get started on your journey.