Maybe you know a lot about me already, and are a regular reader of my normal blog over at, or maybe you just stumbled upon this website and want to know who you’re dealing with. Either way, I figure I’d give you a brief Bio on me and perhaps there are some things you can relate to prior to starting to work together.

I have been a consultant for over 16 years, accomplishing in some way, shape, or form, my life purpose in helping people to accomplish their goals. But my past jobs, or even this one, is not  who I am. I was born in the Midwest and my first home was a rented trailer. My parents were lower-middle class, and while not much for affection, provided for us and gave us the basic framework of values such as hard work and frugality. Growing up, my father drank a lot and later got treatment for alcoholism. This disease later followed my brothers as well, one of which was close to death from liver disease complications. While not a super nurturing environment at home, I succeeded in high school, paid my own way through college and was able to start my life with a fairly clean slate with minimal baggage beyond student loans and “typical” debt that took awhile to figure out. I say these things to give you an idea of where I began my journey.

I met my wife in college back in 1998, and we’ve been together ever since. Married right before 9/11 (2001), we have two kids (age 10 and 8 as of 2015) and full life challenges of two working parents who have insisted on raising hard-working and value minded kids despite the multiple directions we are pulled each day. Despite the challenges and costs that kids and life bring, we’ve been able to maintain a healthy sex life while building positive financial traction that will allow us the freedom to work in the way we see fit in the future.

One of the passions I have is helping others through coaching. I have coached all ages, from youth to adults, men and women, at various endeavors for over 12 years. This has included starting and setting up coaching for a local youth swim program, adult triathletes, strength and conditioning programs, youth soccer, and have been Life Coaching for over a year. Coaching, while very different than consulting, still has a number of things in common, not least of which is listening.

My biggest coaching secret is listening and respect. I understand that everyone starts where they start, and I don’t care where that starting point is. I simply respect the fact you’re ready to try and get better, and will be working hand in hand with you to clarify your direction and hold you accountable for what you want to accomplish. We’re here to move forward, break down your goals into bit size pieces, and kick some ass to building the life you desire.

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