Good Life Vision (est. 2014, DBA Great Life Vision and Good Life Vision) is a family-owned enterprise, operated by Alex and Holly Peck. Holly is involved in various administrative and business roles, while Alex is the coach that you’ll be working with. Alex has been a professional consultant for over 16 years, and as such helps clients solve complex problems that require diplomacy and technical acumen. Coaching, however, is somewhat different. While his attention to detail, ability to listen, and ability to look at complex life issues is an asset, he won’t be solving your problems for you. And solving problems isn’t what coaching will even focus on. Instead, he’ll be guiding you to look ahead to the prosperity that lies before you and helping you to bridge the gap of reality today and your goal of tomorrow. He has served in various coaching roles through the years, including youth coaching, personal coaching in athletics for adults, and life coaching. While life coaching is a little different, many of the same skills apply: ability to listen and identify goals, the willingness to set an individual path to reach those goals, and the right touch of proper incentive to motivate the individual to those goals.

Alex has followed training methods and lessons developed by Life Coach Training, including completion of classes in relationship coaching. Health, fitness and wellness, as well as personal finances and retirement visioning, are other areas that he has various levels of expertise to guide clients to resources so that they may learn and therefore improve their own knowledge and situation through his coaching guidance.

Together 17 years and married over 14, Holly and Alex have two kids and have successfully navigated many relationship pitfalls, including being over $100,000 in debt. Fifteen years later, they’ve used these experiences as learning lessons for others, and have erased that debt and significantly increased their net worth. While each life situation is different, the team at Great Life Vision take very seriously the ability to help you improve yours.